3 Kits to Take You from Office to After-Hours

Office Chic - 3 Kits to take you from work to after hours. Office Chic - 3 Kits to take you from work to after hours.

While most of us love nothing more than racing home after a long day at the office and putting on our comfiest sweats, sometimes it’s necessary to look your best for an after-work dinner or a night out with friends. We’ve selected 3 chic and portable kits to help achieve the perfect evening look – just throw one of these kits into your makeup bag as you’re running out the door in the morning.

Posh Pastel 5PC Complete Kit

Pictured: BMD-PPSET5

Don’t let the pastel colors fool you – this kit can help you create a bold statement lip. Here’s how to take your daytime look to the next level:

Touch up powder and blush with the Pointed Blush, making sure to apply blush in a sweeping motion to lift the cheeks.

Apply a subtle highlight to the cheekbones with the Highlighter.

Blend a dark color into the crease with the Shader.

Apply a bold lipstick (berry-colored is our personal favorite!) to the lips with the Lip brush. Make sure to use the pointed tip to line the lips first to prevent feathering.

MŌDA® Renew 5PC Complete Kit

Pictured: BMR-CK5

After a long work day, we all need a few doses of shimmer and shine to wake up our complexion. The Renew Kit can renew your look in a few easy steps:

Using the Buffer, touch up your foundation with some mineral powder. Then, use the same brush to apply some warm bronzer where sunlight naturally hits your face.

Apply a dazzling highlight to your cheekbones with the Contour brush.

Sweep a brown shadow over the lid with the Shader brush, blending out any edges.

Use the Detail brush with the same highlighter you applied to your cheeks and gently apply to the inner corner of the eye. Be careful not to overdo eye shimmer – it can emphasize creasing under the eye.

MŌDA® Rainbow 7PC Complete Kit

Pictured: BMD-RBSET7

It’s hard to rock a striking eye look at the office, but it can really make an evening look pop! Here’s how the Rainbow Kit can help you stand out:

Reduce shine by touching up with the purple Powder brush.

Reapply a little under-eye concealer and set using setting powder with the green Highlight & Glow brush. Gently press the powder using the flat of the brush to prevent creasing.

Apply or deepen contour with the blue Precision Contour. This is especially important to balance out heavier eye makeup!

Start your smoky eye by applying a light, neutral shadow to the lid with the orange Small Shader brush.

Take a dark color into the crease with the yellow Super Crease, making a “v” by bringing it around the outside corner of the eye. Use the Small Shader again with the dark color and run it along the lower lash line, then smudge with the Super Crease.

Define brows with the red Brow Designer.