3 Steps to Summer Glow



Summer is the time to really let your skin shine, so we came up with 3 easy steps to achieve the most beautiful glow using MŌDA® brushes and sponges! By layering highlighters and using a light foundation, you’ll ensure your glow lasts all day - you’ll look your best from morning brunch to evening bonfire.

Dramatic Contour - BMX-245, BMD-235, BMX-250, and BMX-235 Professional Makeup Brushes

The Secret Highlight

Pictured left to right: M09, BMD-255, BMD-MMSET4V, BMD-PBFKIT4

Shhh – this step can be your little secret to getting the most beautiful “lit-from-within” glow! After priming but BEFORE foundation, apply liquid highlighter to the areas you want to catch the light (cheeks, forehead, nose, cupid’s bow, etc.) using one of these small brushes or a damp sponge. Even if other powder makeup begins to wear off during the day, this secret highlight layer will stay in place!

Blended Contour - M26, BMD-185, BMX-141, BMD-P802, and M06 Professional Makeup Brushes

The Natural Foundation

Pictured left to right: M11, BMD-251, BMD-MMSET4V, BMD-PBFKIT4

Grab a light to medium coverage foundation and one of these brushes or a damp sponge to get a super natural-looking foundation. By applying only a thin layer, you’ll notice the liquid highlight still shines through, giving you absolutely perfect skin! Layer foundation more heavily in areas where you need more coverage but be careful not to cover the liquid highlight completely.

Natural Contour - BMD-120, BMX-120, M03, and BMD-P806 Professional Makeup Brushes

The Bold Highlight

Pictured left to right: BMD-265, BMD-PRKIT4, M25, BMX-255

Finally, to finish off this amazing glow, use a highlighting brush to apply a powder highlight over the areas you want to stand out the most. The underlying liquid highlight layer will give the powder extra dimension and pop. You can pair this summer glow look with bold brows and a brown smoky eye for ultimate glamour!