MŌDA Maven of the Month - April 2019

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MŌDA® Maven of the month

March 2019

"Hi! My name is Kelly from Kelly Strack on YouTube and @KellyStrackOfficial on instagram! I am a New Jersey based influencer who has always had a huge passion for makeup. Growing up I would steal my mom’s makeup and try to wear it to school (foundation that was 5 shades too dark for me and all! hahaha). As I grew up and went to college, I got more into makeup when I discovered YouTube and was able to teach myself everything I know today from watching tutorials. After completing college and graduate school, I decided to follow my passions of makeup and social media full time and haven't looked back since!"

"My favorite brush set is 7PC Total Face Flip Kit. Not only does it look stunning (pink is my favorite color) but it’s pretty much everything you need to do a full face! The bristles are super soft and make blending a breeze!"

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