MŌDA Maven of the Month - June 2019



"Hello, my name is Alaha Karimi, known as @makeupbyalaha on social media, and I am a professional makeup artist and influencer based in NY. Growing up in a strict household, I was never allowed to wear any makeup, therefore, I would hide in my room, put a bunch of makeup on, and take it off before my parents would get home. I did this several times a day, especially on the weekends! This was the best practice anyone could’ve had! I taught myself how to beat a face before I was allowed to beat my own! 12 years ago, I took my very first makeup client in the stock room of a beauty supply store. A woman came into the store and loved my eye makeup (yes, this was when I was finally allowed to wear eye makeup). She asked if I would do her daughters makeup for prom that weekend and she would pay me. I brought in all my personal makeup and gathered together some brushes and took my very first paying customer! I never put the makeup brush down after that. Although I went to school for business management and marketing and landed an amazing career, it wasn’t my true calling. After working for a corporation for over 6 years and taking clients only on weekends, I decided to call it quits from my corporate job to pursue my dream of doing makeup full-time. Being a makeup artist is more than a job for me, it is a passion. I love every aspect of it - the glitz, the glam, and even the gory makeup. I love it all!"

"My favorite kit has to be the MŌDA® Pro 25pc Full Face Wrap Kit. I mean, what’s not to love? You have beautifully crafted, sleek, luxe brushes that were made with the professional makeup artist in mind. This kit includes a brush for every single step of your makeup routine from brows all the way to lashes! The bristles are soft and apply product effortlessly, and it’s all wrapped up in a super luxe wrap with a pocket for every brush. This is all you need whether you’re a professional artist or a makeup lover! An added bonus is that it is super affordable! I love my MŌDA® Pro brush kit and can’t seem to put it down!"

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