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Brush Essentials™ 15pc Kit

BBE-SET15 - Brush Essentials™ 15pc Kit

Brush Essentials™ 15pc Kit

£41.49 GBP

Brush Essentials™ 15-piece Kit 


For makeup artists and students who are just starting to explore the industry! 

This kit includes:

  • BBE-01 Powder
  • BBE-02 Blush
  • BBE-03 Sponge
  • BBE-04 LG Eye Shader
  • BBE-05 Finishing Fan
  • BBE-06 MD Eye Shader
  • BBE-07 Smudger
  • BBE-08 Lip
  • BBE-09 Lash Brush
  • BBE-10 Angled Brow
  • BBE-11 Detail Liner
  • BBE-12 Eyebrow/Lash Comb
  • BBE-13 Contour Powder
  • BBE-14 Concealer
  • BBE-15 Angled Eye Shader

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