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MŌDA® Totally Electric 7pc Bright Eye Kit

100% Vegan BMD-TEESET7 - MŌDA® Totally Electric 7pc Bright Eye Kit

MŌDA® Totally Electric 7pc Bright Eye Kit

£19.99 GBP

Bland, boring makeup brushes? As if! Be electrically bold with this 7PC eye set, designed to give you a bright look.

This kit includes:

  • Crease:
    Long, soft bristles allow for blending darker shadow in the crease, giving a more defined eye look. 
  • SM Shader:
    This brush features a small paddle shape for concentrated color application.
  • Detail:
    The pointed tip on this eye brush is ideal for creating a cut crease, applying shadow, or highlighting your inner corner.
  • Glam Topper:
    Precisely pack on glitter or metallic shadows for an intense pop of glam.
  • Fine Liner:
    Get picture-perfect eyeliner by using this fine liner with gel or liquid.
  • Brow/Groomer:
    This brush does double duty with a lash applicator on one side and small, angled bristles to shape your brows on the other.  
  • Zip Pouch:
    Perfect for taking your beauty on the road.

Features of each brush:

  • Excellent for Wet & Dry Product
  • Waterproof, Silk-Touch Handle
  • Sturdy Aluminum Ferrule Secures Bristles
  • Professional Quality Fibers

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